Application Types: CAD & ELSD, LC-MS, Sample Preparation

Part number:3300253

Integrated compressor: Yes


Inspired by the success of our best-selling Genius line of nitrogen gas generators for LC-MS/MS, Genius XE Nitrogen is a cutting-edge evolution combining advanced technology with refined and robust engineering. With two models – XE 35 (up to 35 L/min) and XE 70 (up to 70 L/min) – Genius XE Nitrogen provides a premium, standalone nitrogen solution for high performance LC-MS/MS and other mission-critical laboratory applications where performance and reliability are paramount.

Featuring Multi-Stage Purification™ and next-generation integrated compressors with Electronic Compressor Optimization™ (ECO) technology, Genius XE delivers factory certifiable purity up to 99.5% on-demand, 24/7 with a convenient fixed annual service interval.


    • Variable flow up to 70 L/min & pressure up to 116 psi
    • Multi-Stage Purification™ producing analytical grade nitrogen gas up to 99.5% purity
    • 2 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty*
    • Touch-screen full colour user interface for ease of operation
    • ECO (Electronic Compressor Optimisation™) technology for low energy consumption and compressor durability
    • Next-generation high performance premium compressors, engineered exclusively for Genius X
    • Smaller & quieter than previous generation of Genius
    • On-board service scheduling and system diagnostics
    • Additional compressor capacity for lower flow applications

*2nd year of 2 year warranty subject to completion of preventative maintenance, carried out within 13 months of installation


Gas Type: Nitrogen

Max Gas Flow: 70L/min

Hydrocarbon Content: <0.1ppm

Max Output Pressure: 116psi/8bar

Max Purity: 99.5%

Site & Installation

Gas Outlets Fitting: 1 x 1/4″ BSPP

Start Up Time: 30 mins

Power Consumption: 2530 VA

Voltage: 230 VAC

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Current: 12A

Heat output: 8785

Max Operating Temp: 35°C / 95°F

Particles: <0.01µm

Phthalates: Phthalate & BHT Free

Contaminants: none

Suspended Liquids: none

Noise Level: 59.3 dBA

Accreditations: CE, CSA, FCC, KC

Dimensions & weight

Genius XE 70 DimensionsSize (HxWxD) mm: 1000 x 570 x 710 mm

Size (HxWxD) Inches: 39.4 x 22.4 x 28 inches

Generator Weight: 147kg / 323.4lbs