Is your breathing air system difficult and costly to maintain or no longer supported by the manufacturer?

Until now, the only option was a costly and difficult decision to replace the entire breathing air system including the dryer, filters, purifier and monitor. Not any more. Simply replace the existing purifier with the nano NBM breathing air purifier module and you are back in business.

These free standing purifiers are small, simple to operate and easy to install. With unique catalyst purifier cartridges that are easy to replace, these compact and cost effective modules provide reliable long-term performance in a state of the art design.

The nano NBM requires no power, needs no controls and can be either floor or wall mounted for optimum installation flexibility. The multi-stage disposable purification cartridges include an inlet diffuser, a mixed bed purifier to remove odour, taste and Carbon Monoxide (CO), and a 1.0 micron particulate outlet filter for a long service life with minimum maintenance.

With flow rates from 200 Nm /hr to 1600 Nm /hr (120 to 960 scfm), a corrosion resistant extruded aluminium design and optional CO monitor, the nano NBM breathing air purifier module will give your breathing air system a breath of fresh air.