Whilst many breathing air applications may require only the removal of particulate, oil, odour and taste, others may also require the removal of hazardous gases.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) are odourless, tasteless gases that can be harmful or even lethal if inhaled – especially in high concentrations. If there is the potential for high levels of CO or CO2 in the air, it is imperative they are reduced to safe levels for breathing.

These critical applications call for the nano modular NBA breathing air purifier. The NBA purifiers start by filtering the air using an M1 1.0 micron pre-filter and an M01 0.01 micron high-efficiency coalescing pre-filter. However, the NBA then also reduces CO and CO2 levels using a 4-layer, mixed bed cartridge in aluminium extruded vessels.

The new NBA breathing air purifier systems reduce CO and CO2 levels utilising a unique five layer mixed bed cartridge with integrated filter to completely treat the air prior to respiration.

The first stage of the cartridge removes water vapour to -40°C/F pressure dew point and polishes CO2 using a novel activated alumina and 13X molecular sieve mix. The second stage utilises activated carbon to remove hydrocarbons, odour and taste. Finally, the last stage of the cartridge employs a catalyst to convert CO to CO2. All materials are snow storm filled for maximum packing density and are held in place by an integral 1 micron particulate after filter. These innovative cartridges
are quick and easy to replace minimising maintenance requirements.

The nano NBA is on the leading edge of breathing air technology, meeting and exceeding the most stringent global breathing air standards in a simple, reliable and cost effective design.

NBA third party validation certificate 2017.