The nano BAC portable breathing air case is the solution for one or multiple users who need a robust, go anywhere breathable air filtration system.

With a maximum flow rate of 60 Nm /hr (50 scfm) the impact and water resistant case houses a nano F1 NWS water separator, an M01 0.01 micron coalescing filter with automatic condensate drains and an AC activated carbon adsorber to remove moisture, oil aerosols, odours and taste to 0.003 ppm all in one simple, portable package.

The BAC case includes an adjustable pressure regulator and Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor* to ensure safe and reliable operation.

  • portable, impact and water resistant case
  • four outlet connections for multiple users
  • adjustable pressure regulator
  • integral CO monitor*
  • complies with OSHA Grade D (US) including EN12021 breathing air standards

* does not remove CO, only monitors it.

B1 breathing air purifier application worksheet