Application Types: LC-MS

Part number: 3302383

Gas types: Nitrogen Air

Integrated compressor: Yes


Developed exclusively for SCIEX, the MS Bench SCI range provides a modular workstation with provision for either integrated gas generation or a noise abating enclosure for roughing pumps. MS Bench SCI is designed specifically for use with the current and latest mass spectrometers at SCIEX*.

Two variants of the MS SCI Bench are available, both identical in form factor, aesthetics and work surface. MS Bench (G) SCI features a self-contained gas generator, providing a reliable and cost-efficient source of both nitrogen (Curtain Gas™) and clean, dry oil-free air for source and exhaust gas at flows and pressures configured to meet SCIEX instrument requirements (exuding IVD medical devices). The other variant, the MS Bench SCI, comes without the gas generator, instead providing a compartment below the bench, suitable for housing up to two MS roughing pumps.

*MS Bench (G) SCI 1 gas output is suitable for all instruments except IVD medical devices, all SCIEX Benchtop MS can be placed on MS Bench SCI 1. Vac Pumps for floor standing Triple TOFs can be placed inside MS Bench SCI 1.


  • Designed exclusively for SCIEX to provide modular bench solution for all SCIEX LC-MS instruments*
  • Noise abated compartment suitable for housing vacuum pump(s) (non generator variant only)
  • ‘Genius Inside’: true plug & play gas generation (MS Bench (G) SCI 1 only).
  • No external compressed air source required.
  • Noise & vibration dampening, suitable for use as instrumentation bench CSA / FCC / CE compliant
  • Chemical-resistant phenolic resin worktop
  • Self-levelling castor wheels for seamless installation with existing lab bench system

*suitable for all current and latest MS from SCIEX including the new 5500+, but excluding IVD medical device instrument. Floor-standing Triple TOFs can house vac pumps in MS Bench SCI.


Gas Type: Nitrogen

Max Gas Flow: 19L/min

Max Output Pressure: 65psi/4.5bar

Gas Type: Air

Max Gas Flow: 26L/min

Max Output Pressure: 100psi/6.9bar

Gas Type: Air

Max Gas Flow: 25L/min

Max Output Pressure: 60psi/4.1bar

Site & Installation

Gas Outlets Fitting: 3 x 1/4 ” BSPP

Power Consumption: 1,100 VA

Voltage: 220 – 240v ± 10% V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Current: 7 A

Heat output: 3753 BTU

Max Operating Temp: 30°C / 86°F

Particles: <0.01µm

Phthalates: None

Suspended Liquids: None

Noise Level: 59

Dimensions & weight

MS Bench Dimensions 01Size (HxWxD) mm: 762 x 914 x 787 mm

Size (HxWxD) Inches: 30 x 36 x 31 inches

Generator Weight: 160kg / 352lbs